Brooklyn Cultural and Special Event Tours

We citizens of the great borough of Brooklyn take it for granted the many cultural celebrations that take place during the year. Our “town” of over 2.5 million residents is home to a diverse population with a variety of cultures , talents, interests and artistic expressions. Throughout the year Brooklynites partake in many public celebrations that reflect their ethnic roots, artistic skills and varied cultures. As a tour company , we want our guest to also experience the wonderful celebrations that make Brooklyn unique.

With us it’s never just a bike tour. Our guests are given the opportunity to be Brooklynites for the day. Our intimate tours are geared to go beyond the traditional “City tour ” . We keep abreast of many interesting events taking place and strategically include them in most of our tours, and the overwhelming majority of them at no extra cost .

Below please find a partial list of some of the more popular happenings that will be taking place this coming tour season. we invite you to find out more about each event by accessing the enclosed link when available. There is no additional charge to register for these special events. Note – The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens charges an admission to enter their grounds.

Please note, We will always ask the approval of all of our guests before altering any tour to accommodate these special events. On the days of these special cultural events ,our tour guides will make slight modifications to the route to accommodate the event. As a result the standard route may be lengthened or shortened by a some amount of distance and / or time. So look at the list of “Special Events” below for these one of a kind additions to our tours its our way of giving our guests the full Brooklyn experience.

Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition ( . Brooklyn based artists exhibit and sell their work in a civil war era warehouse. Art show held weekends three times a year.

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel ( One of Brooklyn’s oldest Italian-American feasts. Began in 1903, it’s highlight is the lifting of the “Giglio” ( boat) . A structure weighting in at over 4 tons and 65 feet tall. With musician and the local priest atop the Giglio, over 110 men lift and parade the structure through the streets of Williamsburg. A great opportunity to sample some really great Italian delicacies. Mid July, Exact dates to be determined.

Bastille Day Celebration   The biggest Bastille party in the U.S. A celebration of all things French. Food ,drink, music and the largest Petanque tournament in the country. Part of Smith street is cover with sand to allow for this French “bocce” style game. (Mid- July. Exact date to be determined).

Green-Wood Cemetery Memorial Day Concert. ( A free 2.5 hour concert featuring a full orchestra held in a 1838 landmark historic 478 acre cemetery. Green-Wood is one of the country’s best known cemeteries and the pre curser to Manhattan’s Central Park & Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. It’s also the final resting place of many of New York’s famous. (2:30 – 5:00 pm)

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens ( . Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival. A truly spectacular display of color & aroma during the spring blossoms. This 42 acre oasis features many themed gardens within the main garden inside . Garden admission charged for this event about $10 / person.

Brooklyn Tabernacle Gospel Choir. ( A non denominational place of worship featuring a Grammy Award winning choir . Located in a completely restored 3,200 seat historic movie theater. Note, there is no additional charge for this event, however a small donation may be made to the tabernacle. Specific Sunday’s during our tour season.

Atlantic Antic By far Brooklyn’s biggest street party. Spanning 4 neighborhoods along Atlantic Ave in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn. Over 600 vendors will entertain about a million visitors with live music, food , craft ,fun. A great opportunity to sample foods from nearly every corner of the world. Includes on street display of vintage buses and free admission to the New York Transit Museum. In addition to our other food stops, one representative selection will be included with the price of the tour. Guests may purchase additional food on their own. Late September / Early October. exact date to be determined.

West Indian American day parade. ( One of NYC’s biggest cultural festivals.This colorful parade celebrates the Caribbean tradition of Carnival, complete with floats and elaborate costumes. plenty of foods and music from the “islands”. As many as 3 million people line Eastern Parkway to view the parade and party along.

Brooklyn Art Galleries Open House. ( Many long established & up and coming art studios open their doors to the public during the year. This one of a kind behind the scenes look takes place in several art neighborhoods in the boro. ( late Spring / early Summer. Exact dates to be determined ).

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 92 ( . Opened in 1801, the B.N.Y. is an historic 300 acre site renowned for its role in the maritime history of America. Famous for it's role during WWII with the building of many of the U.S.Navy's biggest battleships and carriers. During it's hayday it employed as many as 70,000 workers. It now functions an an industrial park with private tenants including a full fledge movie studio. Building 92 now serves as the welcome center and exhibit space currently featuring the history of the Navy Yard. Hours of operation: Wedsday's – Sunday 12:00 – 6:00.– This event may be included on our weekend & holiday tours.

Governor's Island. ( The history of this small island just South of Manhattan, dates back to the revolutionary war. For many years closed to the public , it was once a U.S.Coast Guard Station. Recently NYC purchased the Island and it has now become a huge tourist destination. since the opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park, The Island has become accessible from Brooklyn. Just a short 5 minute ferry ride across Buttermilk Channel will transport you to a quiet historic location with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. This event may be included on our weekend & holidays tours.

Mermaid Parade. ( This event is one of NYC’s Greatest Summer events and the nation’s largest art parade. The parade pays homage to Coney Island’s forgotten Mardi Gras that lasted from 1903 – 1954. Participants dressed in hand made costumes as Mermaids, Neptune and various other sea creatures celebrate the beginning of Summer as well as the local flavor. Vintage cars are parked and displayed as well as participating in the parade.

Food Truck Rally. ( NYC street vendors have taken their culinary experience on the road. The quality of street food has increased so much that street vendors now have their own culinary award ( The Big Vendy Cup , as well as other Vendy awards like : The People’s Taste award , Rookie Vendor of the Year & Dessert Vendor of the Year ) . Twice a month, some of NYC’s best food trucks converge on Grand Army Plaza , At the entrance to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for an all out food festival. This popular event is well attended by local as well city-wide residents who come here to sample award winning recipes . Some of the delicious offerings include : lobster rolls, tacos, waffles, grilled cheese, dumplings, Ice cream, gourmet coffee, burgers and much,much more .This is a great opportunity for our guest to sample a variety of culinary treats all in one area. In addition to our other food stops, on this stop, one representative selection will be included with the price of the tour . Guests may purchase additional food on their own. Dates to be determined.