Cancellations of tours: ( by B.B.T. LLC) — . We value our guest’s time , and we do all that is possible to run our tours as scheduled. However there might be under very unusual circumstances times when it might become necessary to cancel or alter a tour due to, but not limited to, extreme heat, cold, rain, wind, or other weather related events. Street or public transit events that prevent the tour from proceeding, Personal or emergency events to our tour leaders or organizers, or other unforeseen events. Under such extreme and unusual conditions , Brooklyn Bike Tours LLC reserves the right to cancel any tour they deem fit the description above. Should a tour be canceled by us , our guests will receive a full 100% refund, and our sincerest apologies .

Cancellation of tour (by our guests) — We realize that life is unpredictable. Booking an event for a future date is always a bit uncertain. If for any reason any of our guests need to cancel a booked tour ,we will follow these simple guidelines .——

Cancellations received Up to 14 days (2 weeks) before the booked tour date / time —————Full 100% refund

Cancellations received Up to 72 hours ( 3 days) before the booked tour date / time ————— full refund ,( less 20% service fee)

Cancellation of a tour by our guests 72 hours ( 3 days ) or less prior to a tour date / time ——— will result in no refund .

We apologize for this policy. Our tour groups are small , and if we receive a cancellation very close to the actual tour date, ( less than 3 days ) it might be difficult to book that canceled space to another guest. However, should we book your canceled spot to another guest , then you will receive a full refund ( less 20 % service fee ) .

Should a tour be canceled before it’s official end , then we will issue a pro-rated refund based on actual tour duration .

Children on tours: — This subject has always been a point of contention with us. While our tours are group oriented and often promote family participation, the subject of children especially those younger than 13 years of age, has always been difficult for us to address . Past experience and consultations with legal authority has prompted us for now, to NOT allow children under the age of 13 to participate on any of our tours. We realize that this may be a hardship for those families wanting a cohesive group experience and sharing the pleasures of bike touring as a family, and for this we apologize . Perhaps in the future if legal restraints permit ,we may allow children younger than 13.

In addition to the need for a signed Waiver of Liability by all participants in our tours, an additional waiver must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of minor before the minor will be allowed to participate in the tour. We also ask that there be at least one adult parent / legal guardian for every minor on the tour. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this policy.